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Version 39

A warm welcome

at the 39th version of
After a few weeks we’ve done a new design for you all. I tried to design something “new” and hope that I succeeded. The colors aren’t very summerlike, but if you look out of your window, there’s really no summer weather at the moment (atleast here in Germany.) They perhaps fit the current weather pretty well.

We hope that you enjoy the new look!


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ELLE Girl Japan: Interview

ELLE Girl Japan: Interview
For all GIRLS who are fans of TH, sorry to have kept you waiting. I will now post the interview of TH, which is done when thay came to Japan for the VMAJ show last month. Due to the limited 10-minute time, I could not ask all the questions collected from Blog and Twitter, but the 4 lovely boys tried their best to answer the questions.

On June 24th, although I was preparing the ELLEgirl Night, I decided to interview TH anyway. Here I would like to thank the staff for your concern. Here are Gustav, Bill, Tom, Georg from the left. I thought they got jet lag, but actually they looked very fresh when they entered the interview room.

The interviews you guys took before have made a stir all around the world. The interview was translated into, of course, English, and also French, Thai, Russian and other languages, and put on web. There are also comments written in English, French and German in my blog.
Bill: (very glad) Yeah, that’s so amazing, right? It’s unbelievable.

This time I told fans I would interview TH, so in recent days I received a large number of questions from Uruguay, Russia, Italy, China and etc. Fans all over the earth want to ask you questions. They wrote something like this: if you would come to Japan, we hope you come to Kyusyu; or we hope you can come to Uruguay or Moscow. They all hope TH can come to their local place.
Bill: I see. We’d love to. All the fans keep eyes on your blog, right?

Yeah, I think that network between TH fans is great. Well, let’s get started. Let’s see how many questions you can answer. Did you search for your favourite place or store in Tokyo? (From KANA)
Bill: To be honest, we don’t have opportunities to look around or even free time. Especially this time we just stay for 2 nights. [*actually, they stay for 4 days 3 nights] We spend all our time on interviews or shows (rehearsal and activities included), so we don’t have any chance to ramble around. But in the first visit to Japan, we had 30 minutes of free time, so I checked some beautiful and fashionable people.


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Blog Post #323: Good vibrations

Good vibrations
The world from a guitar’s perspective.

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Gallery: Photo Alert!

ELLE Girl #27 [Japan]
(+2 Scans!)

InRock Vol. 332 [Japan]
(+1 Scan!)

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23.07.2011 – MTV Video Music Aid Japan: Making-Of

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