12.07.2010 – MTV Taiwan
These news were written by Icey on Jul 12 2010

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MTV World Cup Of Rock: Tokio Hotel – 2nd Place
These news were written by Icey on Jul 12 2010

MTV World Cup Of Rock: Tokio Hotel – 2nd Place
[...]Powered by the support of international K-Pop superstar Rain, South Korea jumped out to an early lead, only to be overtaken by the raw power of Tokio Hotel and Germany. But as the hours ticked down, South Korea slowly fought their way back and managed to surge ahead of their competition.

It was a tremendous battle, and both groups of fans should be proud. In fact, kudos to the commenters on the final match post, as they all seem to be shaking hands and paying respect to one another. In many ways, it’s the virtual version of the teams exchanging jerseys at the end of a match. [...]


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“Humanoid City Live”-CD: Pre-Listenings
These news were written by Icey on Jul 12 2010

>> Phantomrider | Amazon.com Sample
“We had such a cool tour, we had so much fun on the stage every night. We can do what we love to do and that’s just because of you guys. Thank you so much for your love, for your support, for everything you do every single day. And you know, every night you guys make noise for us but on this tour we wanna give you something back and we wanna make some noise for you…”

Bill Kaulitz

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“Humanoid City Live” – Release
These news were written by Icey on Jul 12 2010

“Humanoid City Live” – Release

16th July 2010
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands,
Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania

19th July 2010
France, Norway, Philippines,
Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, Denmark

20th July 2010
US, Spain, Canada, Italy, Taiwan, Brazil

21st July 2010
Finland, Sweden

22nd July 2010
Argentina, Columbia

23rd July 2010

26th July 2010
New Zealand

Last Update: 12.07.2010

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16.07.2010 – MTV’s TRL On Tour, Catania: Info Update
These news were written by Icey on Jul 12 2010

“At the presence of Bill and Tom in Catania on July 16, Universal Music Italy and MTV are glad to announce the episode of Friday will be devoted totally to Tokio Hotel!

Twins will be guests during the whole TRL episode: they will be interviewed and they will present the new CD/DVD released on July 20. During the broadcast they will show in worldwide premiere some sneak peaks from Humanoid City Live filmed in Milano!”

Stay tuned for updates and more news!

Thx to AnnaleeKaulitz at THA <3

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Server down
These news were written by Icey on Jul 12 2010

Server down
We’re incredibly sorry that the site didn’t work – for the most part – today.

Our Server was down and our Host just fixed the problem. We hope that we won’t have to experience such a situation again anytime soon.

Webmiss & Icey <3

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Version 32
These news were written by Ines on Jul 11 2010

Hello & a warm welcome

…to the 32nd version of loveth-music.com. This time, it’s a little bit different. The layout is left-aligned, which we never had before. So it’s someting new. It’s not as colorful as the last time and doesn’t remind on the summer too much. But we still hope, that you’ll like it.

We would like to read your opinions!
Leave a comment <3.

Icey & Webmiss

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