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Candids/Paparazzi 2009 – 26.02.09 – Bill & Tom at “The Delano”, Miami (US)
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Cherry Tree Recors: New Official Twitter Messages!
“Tokio Hotel are putting the finishing touches on their new album. We get mail every single day about it here at Cherrytree. Thank you for all of your excitement. We can’t wait put it out the minute it’s ready.”

“The last two Tokio Hotel songs to complete the album are being recorded this week.”
8 hours ago from txt

Cherry Tree Records @ Twitter

Tokio Hotel Fanparty Contest
I think all of you seen the TH TV Episode and the contest – so the contest is online now and Fans worldwide can participate! :’)
>> Contest

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300.000 Hits!

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TH TV: Party, Fans and a Table Dance!

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A lot earlier than I expected it to be up, but here it is! :’DDD

Tokio Hotel TV Special: Party, Fans and a Table Dance!

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Active Citizenship Award 2009

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Our boys donated something <3

Active Citizenship Award 2009
[…]Winners: Foundation “For Citizens of Leipzig (Saxon)

With her education fund “Music makes clever” the foundation “for Leipzig citizens” allows children and young people from low-income families access to musical education and promotes long-term interested and talented children. It occurs to ensure and improve the music education in kindergartens and schools. Country’s politicians want them to convince their concerns. “Music makes clever” has a broad support: Musicians of the band Tokio Hotel donated the foundation for the education fund. Together with other sponsors, they cover the cost of the instrument and lessons.


And don’t forget In the night/tomorrow the new Tokio Hotel TV Episode will be online! *_* <3

Love You, Icey <3

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Tokio Hotel TV, Cherry Tree Records

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I really have some great News for you guys!

It’s finally happening this week: TH TV is back with a special episode including the best and funniest scenes of the TH fanparty. Look forward to see Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg partying; Gustav tabledancing and an awesome contest. You only have to wait a few more days; more infos coming soon…


Cherry Tree Records has released some new information about the Album Release!

DATE (02.28.2009)
cherrytreerec @lovelovelove09 Tokio Hotel is close to finishing their new album and it won’t disappoint. Just a few months longer but it’ll be worth it!

DATE (03.01.2009)
cherrytreerec@lovelovelove09 not too many months, don’t worry. They’re working every single day to finish and are stacking the album with great songs.

A big thanks goes to lovelovelove09 @, who asked them on their Official Twitter Account <3

Those are some great News, not? *____*

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The grand opening

Welcome back at!

Puh, finally. We’re soooo glad to be back online!XD
As you may noticed, we’ve got a new design, which is made by me, Ines. I looove the color composition. Green and pink rocks! Plus Tom, it just can be awesome XDDD It seems so fresh and when I look at it, summer comes to my mind!
I hope you also like it (:

Furthermore, we transfered the whole homepage to wordpress. So, we edited every page or even made them competly new.
The Interact part is completly new! So take a look at it and maybe also take part in the activities.

Also the information about the boys, the awards and a lot more are edited. You might click through the navigation above and see what we’ve changed by your own.

Furthermore I’ve uploaded a few of my graphics which I’ve made in the last days. It’s not much but there’ll be more as soon as I get back at my laptop because I’ve got some more avatars and wallpapers saved there.

28 Avatars
3 Wallpapers
1 Blend last page

Have fun <3
We would love to read some comments!

Icey & Ines

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