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Gallery: HQ Pics! + Twitter!

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Like I promised: HQ Pictures! A big thaaaannk you goes to, as always, to Salty *_* <333

Candids – 07.03.09 – Gefährliches Halbwissen After Show Party, Berlin
29 HQ Pictures added! – Pages: 3,4 & 5!

2 new Twitter Messages!!

Don’t forget the Post under mine ^__^

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How does Tokio-Bill look now?


I’ve found an article at the german BILD homepage.

Bill Fraulitz
How does Tokio-Bills look now?

The new girlie-look.
New look for the new ,,Tokio Hotel”-album (will be released in may?)? Bill Kaulitz (19) came to Pocher with a girlie-look.

Blond laces, 2 color painted fingernails and a stunning lilac eye make-up. Beautiful girl, right?

No, in an absolute girlie-look appeared Bill Fraulitz – Sorry! – Kaulitz(19) from the band ,,Tokio Hotel” in the saturday evening.

First he watched with his twin Tom (19) the Oliver-Pocher-Show ,,Gefährliches Halbwissen” (beginning of may at RTL).

At the following party single-Bill admited that he knows a lot about woman things: ,,I’ve bought my bag in a secondhand shop a few years ago.”

And in it you could even see a perfume bottle. Très chic! Hopefully the female fans won’t disappear…


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Gallery: Photos Added! + Report

Back with the pics and another report from the night :’DD

Candids – 07.03.09 – Gefährliches Halbwissen After Show Party, Berlin
32 Pictures added!

Pochers colorful Celebrity-Party
Oliver Pocher made 10.000 people in the 02 world laugh. After that there was an exclusive party.

First a laughter explosion at Oliver Pochers live show before 10.000 people in the 02 world, then the kick ass party mit A-list celebrities.

On stage Günther Jauch takes Cindy from Marzahn in his arms and smirks: “We are a little in love”. On the party in the Puro Lounge, his wife Thea is back on his side.

Surprisingly also Tokio hotel is there: “Oli is cool. We came here specially for him from Hamburg, were in the second row at his show and have laughed our asses off”, tells frontman Bill to B.Z.

Till early in the morning he hangs around with rapstar Bushido – that is on the road with 12 bodyguards, that stay there till 5 in the morning and then leave in a hummer limousine.

When Bushido leaves a few hours later he is only accompanied by a blond woman.

Source: BZ Berlin
Translation by: Beertje_86 @ – Thanks! <3

Have fun with the pics! :’) I’ll upload more, when I’ll find new ones xD

Love You, Icey <3

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Bill Kaulitz – Hair & Make-Up New!

Hey o_o”

OMG XD I hope you have a chair next to you, because you could get a shock…XDDDDD

Bill Kaulitz – Hair & Make-Up New!
A sign of life from Tokio hotel! A sign of life from Bill Kaulitz!


Yesterday evening (07.03.2009) Bill and his borther Tom were surprise guests at the Aftershow part to “Gefährliches Halbwissen”, the new comedy-show from Oliver Pocher.

After the premiere in the Berlin 02 world, the VIP’s went to party at the trendy Puro Lounge. Now the first exlcusive shot are taken from the newly styled Tokio hotel singer, that is showing you here exclusively! (No, the blond lady on the left talking to Bill and Tom is not Heidi Klum, but Oliver Pochers model girlfriend Moica Invancan)

At the end of Mai and latest the beginning of June the third album will be released – and Bill doesn’t just wanna show a new song, but also wanna surprise with a new Bill.

We will make it short: Bill has traded his big black hair with white stripes he has had for the past two years for long black hair with thick white braid synthetic streaks, that end at shoulder height as dreadlocks. Tom sends his regards!

A drastic change – but just 1 of 2 parts, cause also his eye make-up needed a new look: With the black eyeliner Bill used a strong rust red eye shadow on saturdayevening in Puro.

On the photo without zoom it almost looks like Tom isn’t impressed by his borthers new look. What will promotionchef Michael Kurcharski from Universal music be thinking?

Translation by: Beertje_86 @ – Thanks *_* <333

Picture Preview:

And, what do you think now? XDDDDDD
This boy is…unique, I swear he’s really good for some surprises O____O” *drops*

I’ll be right back with a Gallery Update with more pictures from this Event! :’D

Love You, Icey <3

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New Twitter Message!

Hi everyone :’D

CherryTreeRecords posted a new Twitter Message :’D

Tokio Hotel are really just recording every day to finish their new album as fast as possible for y’all. That’s what’s up.
13 hours ago from web

love you all, Emma :’)

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