Tokio Hotel poster at Hot Topic

Hey everyone! =’)

Hot Topic is now selling a Tokio Hotel poster showing the cover of the ‘Scream’ album. – Just thought you would like to know! Click on the link below to view and buy the poster.

Tokio Hotel poster – Scream Album


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Cherry Tree Records: New Messages!

Hey <3

Not a lot to post today, but: Those are NEWS! XD

@cherrytreerec: oh, no it’s fine! haha, how is TH’s new CD going? Last I heard there was only one song left, and that was like a week ago.
about 20 hours ago from web in reply to cherrytreerec

@kaylalancaster: There’re actually 3 to finish. It’s longer cuz we want to put the German and English Albums simultaneously this time. Whoop!
about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@cherrytreerec: Hey, I know German and English are hopefully releasing simultaneously, but how “worldwide” will worldwide be?
about 19 hours ago from DestroyTwitter in reply to cherrytreerec

@dragonflyeyes: Cherry Tree Records releases Tokio Hotel’s records in the US only but the release will be pretty world wide at the same time.
about 14 hours ago from web in reply to dragonflyeyes

Let’s hope that this news “desert” will be over soon… o_o”

Love You, Icey <3

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Comet 2009: Vote! + Report

Hey <3

Yaiy, good news! :'DD

Comet 2009: 1 Nomination – Vote!
Yaiy, the boys are nominated for 1 Comet in this year – In the category “Online Stars”!

The Comet 2009 will take place on the 29th of May in Oberhausen, it’s not clear if the boys will appear but with a looooooot of luck it could be that they’ll appear there to promote their new single :’DDD
Let’s hope for the ebst XD


Volunteer instead of aspirin: helpers live longer

[…]The prize, amounting to EUR 15 000 was the foundation “for citizens of Leipzig” for the education fund “Music makes clever”. It allows children from – as Tiefensee said, – “very, very simple conditions,” to learn an instrument. Among the initiators of this project are the members of the band Tokio Hotel, which donated 20.000 EUR, partly as a mentor for children, where the instrumental tuition fund.[…]

Translation by: Aska @ THUS – Thanks <333

That’s really great! <3
And…tha’ts it for the moment xD

Love You, Icey <3

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Gallery: Tim Soter Shoot!

Hey <3

A new Photoshoot appeared which was taken by Tim Soter in 2008! We could see some snippets of it in a Tokio Hotel TV Episode - sadly the pictures are getagged but as soon as they’re availible in HQ I’ll upload them! :’) <3

Photoshoots 2008 – Tim Soter Photoshoot at Stuyvesant Park, NY
7 MQ Pictures added (tagged)!

Love You, Icey <3

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Thanks! + Report

Hey <3

OMG, first *_____________________________* <3

Thank you soooooooo freaking much – you’re absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!! O__O

09.03.2009 – Taff Bericht
A big thanks for recording it goes to Dustyn!! <3

Don’t forget to read the posts under mine! :’D

Love You, Icey <3

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Official Page is getting updated

Hello everybody,

The official Tokio Hotel page is currently offline because it’s getting updated. At the page is written that it’ll be “brand new! You can still sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already, to get the latest information about the new single release!

A few parts of the page are still avaible like the grand mosaic ect..

So lets see how it’ll be!(:


Ines on Mar 9 2009 / 1 Comment

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